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How Social Media Is Shaping The Political Election Campaigns

The use of social media in politics dramatically changed the way campaigns are run, writes Tom Murse (2019) for Thought Co. Today, social media is widely used in political campaigns for various reasons such as establishing the candidate’s political identity, informing and attracting supporters, and disseminating information to the users.

Digital election campaigning has changed the face of how campaigning was done in the past days. Earlier when door-to-door visits, circulating pamphlets, and giant hoarding were the only source of attracting a voter towards the party, now everything has been shifted towards the digital era. It does not mean that those traditional tactics are not used today, but their role has shrunk a lot. Now, politics and social media are completely connected with each other. Since so much of our political debate takes place on social media, it’s hard to not take your political campaign services on it.

Thus, to know the successful way of winning the election in your state, you must shift your focus from the conventional mode of electoral campaigning to the modern one.

Here’s how social media can prove to be beneficial for your political campaigning :


1.More Engagement- Campaigning on social media leads to more user engagement. As social media is filled with people of all ages, it becomes easy to interact with the users. So, when your political party comes on the internet, it reaches millions of users in one click. When you establish yourself on the internet with the help of a political campaign company in Punjab, you can connect with people on a more personal level. Almost every social media platform allows you to share your content in the form of post, images, video, infographics, etc so that you can establish a stronger personal link with your audience. Designogram is the best election promotion company in Punjab that lets you connect with your audience by bringing your party in the digital world.


2.Foster information among users- With the help of social media, one can access information irrespective of where one is. In today’s world, political news and information are spread vastly on the internet to the users before any other media. Thus, with the help of a social media service, you can also share your party’s relevant information with the users. All of this can be attained if you hire an election promotion company in Punjab that can post videos and infographics on your behalf over the internet. In case, if you want to make a really important announcement then going live is a great option to choose as it would not lead to misinterpretation of information and people can easily understand your point of view.

3.Detect analytics- Social media demographics explain the real-time data of users through the number of clicks, usage, engagement, likes, reposts, etc. This information can be used to target people during campaigns. It’s also helpful when producing content for social media and other outlets. Moreover, data analytics are also useful for campaigns when writing social media content because they are effective at targeting and monitoring users. If you also want to tap into the real-time data of the users over a specific poll or forum or in general, then you can hire Designogram as your election campaign provider company in Punjab which will let you curate messages according to the data available on the internet for the online users.


4.Builds political goodwill- Although many political leaders are using the internet to connect with their audiences. However, their opposition parties are already waiting for them over there to destroy their images. By creating fake accounts and spreading false information, the goodwill of a political party is diminished. So, it’s very important for you to be aware of all the social media tactics that your opposition party uses in order to destroy your reputation. You can create your website where all the relevant information or news or laws will be posted for your audience to go through. Also, you can post your video message on Facebook or Twitter to save them from any kind of misinformation. Designogram is the best election promotion company in Punjab that manages your goodwill over social media.


5.Attract attention- A right kind of social media strategy can let you reach millions of users in a second. It is said that- “the more you tweet, the more you get votes!” Thus posts that are visually appealing and informative may reflect well on your political party’s brand and have a higher chance of being shared on social media. This will also help to improve your online profile and increase referrals. Today, many tactics are used for election campaigning on social media services such as gifs, images, videos, infographics, etc that is both creative and engaging to draw the attention of people.


6.Less expensive- As conventional political campaigns are extremely costly, social media inevitably plays a major role in influencing public opinion and deciding election results. Since advertising on social media is a low-cost process, it helps to save a lot of expenses that would otherwise incur on making pamphlets, banners, hoardings, etc. On the other hand, advertising on social media is an extremely profitable technique. You have to spend on those ads which you will know will definitely reach the users. Also, you can see how many users have seen your advertisement and how many of them are converted into real-time voters.


Thus, if you also want to upgrade your political party’s image over social media and want to reach more people, you can connect with Designoigram, the best political campaign company in Punjab. We also frame a comprehensive guideline regarding social media strategies and budget that we will use in order to build your party’s name on the web.

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