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“Corporate branding specialists spend their time rechristening other companies, conducting a legal search and a linguistic search to ensure that the name is not an insult at the other language.” Corporate branding is package of all company’s visual characteristics and designing elements, ranging from logos to social media assets and stationery.  Therefore, brand image is constantly identifiable due to a strong corporate branding, and this creates a lasting impression for customers.

Corporate branding is a visual insight of an entire organization. It varies from identity, which is the overall story of a particular service or product, from the visual elements to the story behind it and its positioning in the market.

Designogram is a creative and skillful online branding and marketing company in Ludhiana, we analyses the wants of your goods and services and our brand identity design permits them even more. From corporate branding design to micro business identity, we make every idea tantalizingly impressive.

We explore the take on corporate branding elements, to see how these organizations prioritize their image:

  • Logo
  • Typeface
  • Imagery
  • Style guidelines


“A logo does not sell, it identifies.” A logo is the most significant visual graphic element for corporate branding. As a visualizer it should act as an identity for the company instantly. For example- an apple’s bitten apple, Google’s colorful logo and many more and this one visual element is enough to identify your brand as solo. Therefore, a strong logo can take a company from being business to being a culture icon.


As we all know about one saying that “words have power.” Here the exploration to typography of words plays an important role in corporate branding. The key fact of it is that, it will guide you on how to work on your content by telling how to type, what to type, style, shape and height. The typing can be in any form or style.


Like words, images are too important for the corporate designing. They provide a consistent feel to the organization by their photography and illustrations. Therefore, it is the photos that add the pleasant quality to a design.


When you are done with the elements of corporate branding, it is very important to add some of style guidelines to run your application successfully. Guidelines related to the correct usage of different visual assets and their placements.


Taking an initiative to develop a cohesive and professional brand identity is an integral part of any effective identity strategy. Creating a corporate branding requires study and attentiveness in order to develop detailed and style that successfully overcome the objectives of a business and gives off the appropriate message.


A corporate branding is the representation of the visualization of ethics and appearance of your brand.  Identity design specifically sets the benchmark of your brand, and it can be utilized to evoke specific feelings within your audience. Your brand identity should be designed in such manner so as to communicate your company’s overall message and promote your business motives on prime basis.


Developing corporate branding, allows you to spread a consistent message around all marketing materials. By creating a cohesive identity package, each piece have same identity style and designing element.  


A brand identity helps you to vary your business from the competition and appropriately position your brand. Building up a professional, creative corporate branding design can help you to be out of your box by attracting potential customers in your market.


Creating a brand identity package assures that your brand is at the top notch of all your marketing material, which helps in increasing brand awareness. The more places your brand is featured and visible, the more connections it will make with consumers, and the more memorizing it will be.


An effective brand identity can help to develop customer honesty and faith in a brand, as it permits customers to make a connection between a product and the company.

A strong and recognizable company like Designogram can help a business be more successful by creating an effective brand identity which is so important.


  • Business cards
  • Stationary
  • Print materials (e.g., brochures, reports, flyers, etc.)
  • Signage
  • Product packaging
  • Apparel
  • Website

There is nothing such as small business identity, because may your blanket be wide or thin, once you with Designogram and every small or even big business is a brand and a brand that people look up to.

Identity Service needs to be your prime perspective and therefore, your brand should be memorable to your valuable customer. We can simplify and can manage your social media profiles, comprehensions with a consistent message, blogs, posts and rebuilding your website.


                OUR SERVICES

  • Corporate branding Design
  • Brand Activation
  • Micro Business Identity
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Corporate branding Design

This zone basically consists of all auricle elements that are used by company to represent themselves. These should be constant in nature so as to escalate the identification. There should be a company logo, which should be visible at every place whether its website, company entrance, posts or letterheads. As well as, the color of the representative should be involved on cards and brochure of the company. If you will maintain a uniformity in your design, it will save your time and money too.

  • Brand Activation

In a nutshell, brand activation is the procedure of running consumer’s movement through interlink age and experiences that has focus on the brand. It is a new approach towards merchandizing and is obtained by revolutionary concepts like experiential marketing and other activation solutions. Brand activation is efficient and potent marketing prototype, specifically with the younger millennial and Gen Z.

  • Micro Business Identity

It is a marketing practice of generating a name, logo or design that recognize and differentiates a product from other products and makes your small business a big business.

As a small business owner, you might have thoughts that identity is something that’s best left to the Apples and the McDonalds of the world. But the reality is, no matter what you have either small business or you are running a big company; if you’re in business, you need to work out on identity your business.

  • Brand Identity Design

“Brand Identity is essentially ‘how’ a business wants to be perceived by customers.”

It is because of brand identity design that a brand contend to commune clearly with the target audience. Brand identity is the combination of message broadcast through the brand name, logo, style and visuals. Brand identity differentiates from brand image. ‘Brand identity’ is built by the brand itself – with the motive of screening a strong message to consumers – where brand image is the outlined opinion formed within the marketplace.

Get in touch with us to know more on how we can help you! Desigongram, assist in the areas of Identity, Corporate branding, creating logos, letterhead and brand identity across the globe.

Therefore, a great logo can transform your business. We develop your brand through our logo designs. Corporate branding can built your business. We try to work beyond your imagination and are brand experts that thrive on change. The ideas, skills of ours connects, share and drive the conversation with consumers. And we do this on daily basis for our great group of valuable customers.

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We have been providing our customers with our services of creating logos and brands since 2017. We understand the needs of our clients and what it takes to stand out of the crowd. Now it’s time for you to let our team of experts ensure your brands get noticed in this busy world.

Lastly but not least, if you are looking for the logo design which is strategic, accurately crafted and delivered on time, then you are at the right place. Designogram, provides the leading services in corporate branding and logo designing in Ludhiana. 

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