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Election Promotions in Punjab & Gujarat

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Election Promotions and Election Campaigns

We do Election Promotions and Election Campaigns for all the candidates irrespective of the party they belongs to. A great team of Designogram that makes you connect with all updates related to politics through digital marketing. We termed out to be the team of masters who proved to be contriver and interpreter who leads you to get comprehensive voters perception with their diverse research in elections, serving for whole country.

Designogram has an executive and proficient staff with their best experience in political e – campaign support. We are highly obliged to help many great leaders at national and state level in forwarding their memorandum through political e – campaign promotions. Hereby, Designogram render bundle of services to political clients which comprises of SEO, SEM, SMM through various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, web etc.

Election Promotion by Designogram has more than 50 field scrutinizing and committee of more than 30 political research analyst that studies voter’s frame of mind and recommend election tactics for successful campaign. Our company as digital media made an appearance as the most noteworthy marketing stage since few last years. This is where the Election Promotions and Election Campaign by Designogaram, came into the frame to help the political clients with productive online marketing and social media campaigns.   

What we do?

To acknowledge the voter’s mindset, it’s a very stimulating task for others but here, we offer you our assistance to get the right strategy:

  • Calculable voter survey
  • Qualitative research
  • Forum ( group discussions )
  • Mobile app survey
  • Outlook on poll agency
  • Exit poll survey
  • Election war room

Services for Election Promotions:

Following are the elementary services rendered by Designogram:

  1. Calculable voter survey : We helps you in providing substantial survey at polling booth level. We have an idiosyncratic app that will give you a definite data with defined results through modern techniques. 
  2. Qualitative research : Recognizing all potent of your constituency and plan your election tact which are based on components like caste, category, issues, popularity and competition.
  3. Psychological election research : Analyze the voter’s mind and keeps an eagle watch on their mindset. This analysis helps in lay outing election strategies and execute political campaign that links with voters.
  4. Custom – made election strategies

When election is a subject, then every pooling booth acts differently. Designogram helps you in customized election planning that will work for you and pass your thoughts to the correct voter.

  1. Political goodwill management
    People trust in what is being displayed. We as your Election Promotion agency in Punjab manages your goodwill, availability and visibility on social platforms across the globe, through digital media and electronic media
  2. Reach out all voters
    The fundamental step of Election Promotion is to reach out all voters. Variant personalized programs are designed in a way to reach out voters, in order to make decisions in your favor. It includes of both field and digital voters outreach.
  3. Election war room
    We organize your campaign by employing all available cost effect media like wall art, billboards, LED and video vans, print media, and electronic media and cinema advertising.

Usage of hi-tech resources

Election Promotions and Election Campaigns by Designogram works through variant modes to bring social political awareness amongst people, to choose what is right and best for their country and welfare.  Through our hi-tech resources and equipment. In this era of smartphones and modern technology, Election Promotion has figured out easier way to approach people.

Let’s have a glance on following promoting sources:

  • Voice message
  • Facebook Live
  • WhatsApp
  • Songs for promotion
  • SMS services
  • People wearing campaign t-shirts
  • Developing websites for promotion
  • Set up E-Mail marketing
  • Advertisement designing

Benefits of Election Campaign

  • Enhance your knowledge : The motive of Election Promotion in Gujarat is to spread awareness and improve knowledge within the people. We keep you in touch with the updates on regular basis through the medium of social applications.
  • Brings enthusiasm and eagerness : Updates on daily basis in addition with spices creates the feeling of curiosity and eagerness among the people and they become more curious and excited to stay connected with these campaigns.
  • Gets everyone involved : “With a culture of learning, comes the sense of community”. Election Promotion Campaigns, through their creative sense of promotions and advertising, connects people and involves them in discussions, so as to choose the best leaders for their welfare.

Therefore, the message through Election Promotion by Designogram is to share the ideas of particular candidates with the voters. The message usually contains of variant talking points about the political affairs. Our main objective is to summarize the main ideas of the campaign and keeps on repeating constantly so as to create a lasting impression with the voters. We want voters to stay connected with us and we will keep rendering you the correct information and updates, and will guide you to the right path of choosing what is appropriate. 

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