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Google 360 Degree Photography & Virtual Tours

360° Virtual Tours of Your Business That Equates to More Exposure!

To be able to see in what atmosphere we are going to survive is like before ever entering the place physically is what we call modern technology. Designogram, Google 360 Photography provider in Ludhiana, help you with the power of virtual tour that will change the style the way others look at your

Because every picture has a story- now imagine what it will do for your business! That’s the power of 360 Virtual Tours, and if you don’t have yet, what are you waiting for?

Modify Your Business Profile on Google Maps and Start getting noticed in this busy world! Invite prospects and seekers inside your store like never before. It’s the power of vision, as your prospects can “envision” themselves doing business with you before they even get there. Business forever.

A 360-degree photo is an administrable panoramic image that encircle the original point from which the shot was taken.

360-degree photos replicate being in the shoes of a photographer and looking around to all the cardinal directions as desired as well as sometimes zooming. The viewer clicks any point on the image to move it in the desired direction.

The potential to spin around and look at an adjacent environment is attained through an amalgamation of software and a number of panoramic photos. The photos are aligned to make for a constant circle around the point of shooting. A digital camera often has built-in software that helps to line up the shots. Once shots are taken to cover around photographer, the images are uploaded to an application to be turned into a 360-degree photo. When uploaded to the Website, they often are played back by certain API’s or browser.

Get in contact with Designogram, 360 degree Photography Company in Ludhiana to know more on how we can fulfill your wants!  So, we can assist you and give quality 360° Virtual Tours service with 100% satisfaction.


  • Creates Competition

Whether the business owner has a retail store, a hotel, bar, car showroom, live venue, art gallery, restaurant, gym, flower shop, museum, modern office or manufacturing company, it does not matter – it’s crystal clear that any client-leading business can be benefited from this revolutionary business marketing appraisals. Now the latest scenario in the world is where Google 360 degree Photography is already emerged with the future of clients would be for instance: a wedding couple searching for a great wedding reception venues, will be able to have an insights of hotel banquet and all its amenities like function rooms, layout, decor etc. if someone wants to be fashionable and modern would be able to inspect a boutique’s range and overall style – a gentleman desires to book a romantic candle night dinner for him and his soul mate, can have a look at the food pamphlets and can even book a specific table– The precedence are literally illimitable.

  • Commercial Photography

Almost as a ‘bumper’ product for business organizations using the Google 360 degree photography Business View service, the faithful Photographer also takes almost 20 still POI (points of interest) images as backhand. These consists of, to exemplify: at the time of opening, award functions, business details, merchandise/brands stocked, wide angle interiors and decor etc. Just like the above mentioned Virtual Tour, the owner of business are given fulfilled ownership of these high POI resolution images for them as complimentary those can be utilized for what so ever the marketing grounds they’d like. Whereas, the virtual tour and still images both sail in one boat that is, Google Maps search results and Google+ Local pages, both of these can be embedded into a business’s own Website/Blog/Facebook page. In addition, certain short links for the actual 360° photos preview can be sent assuredly through other social media channels like- Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and email.

  • Mobile Friendly

On-line browser can avail a fully hypnotic, conjunct experience and can admire the view of the business ‘walk-through’ both at home, at workplace or when surfing mobile. The technology runs mutably on desktop computers like- Windows or Mac and laptops – looks specifically appealing and good when contemplate in its full screen glory 



  1. This is a one of the economical way, it is not like most marketing campaign which depend on repeat subscriptions.
  2. The business owner gets the assigned copy write of the images as such no licensing issues.
  3. Explore and develop and improve your Google search results and share with the world.
  4. Make your business life evergreen with a 360-degree Google photography, interactive tour. Let your audience walk around, innovate, and communicate with your business like never before.
  5. Underline all the characteristics that both you and your regular basis customers love about your business.
  6. Captivate new online clients. Probable customers are all time around you on their mobiles, with the help of Google places they get supervision straight to your business.
  7. Implant Business images Tour on your own website and social media pages. Tours are organized by Google; so no slow running or bandwidth issues.
  8. Over 80% of all seekers searching for LOCAL services, products or information start their analysis using the Google search engine.
  9. 55% of citizen of India adults regularly use Google Street View.


  • Improve Engagements and Conversions

 Virtual Tours and Virtual Reality (VR) Tours by Designogram, intervene in the space between high quality video and static photo images. For the clients those who have time limitations, hunting  for goods and services – we give them the next best and suitable option of actually being inside your business place, at your bearings, or in front of your products. The virtual assets we develop can be viewed on 99.9% of devices, delivered onto websites, social media platforms, or split via email, SMS or text. We offer two photography options which totally depends on your pocket – Standard and Premium.

  • Increase Traffic

Were you knowing that consumers likely to search more and deep via photos available on Google and Pinterest? Through our service of increase traffic, you can get in contact of more consumers to visit your profile by having the right, high-quality visuals.

  • Raise Confidence

We give the opportunity to our Consumers of making decisions and guiding them for making correct decisions to select images of their choice. Therefore, the best is the visualization of your product and key characteristics, the higher is the chance that consumers will purchase.


  • Not only well established companies can use our services but also Small and Medium companies those who can’t afford a professional photographer and desires to display, promote or sell products online, our helping hands are always there to hold you.
  • Real Estate Agents or brokers, Restaurants and other miscellaneous businesses that may want to use a Virtual Tour of 360 degree photo to make a better detailing of the property or goods and services to promote.
  • Online stores that would like to make an attractive promotion.

Office buildings, residential buildings, Gymnasium, Hotels, Hospitals or Clinics, Retail shops, Beauty Salons, Educational institutes, Showrooms and offices all together make for an innovatively visual virtual tour. We are specialized in these types of tours for any kind of business in Ludhiana. No matter how big or small your business is, we give our clients a mesmerizing tour that can be visited anytime, even while you’re closed! Don’t fall prey to navies, we are Google Street view Certified photographer in Ludhiana.


Having the right visual material and company will escalate your brand and increase conversion. However, before you can confidently and effectively decides WHAT you want to illustrate to your consumers, it is very significant to have the right perspective and tactics for your business. That is why Designogram – Google 360 Degree Photographer in Ludhiana also offers you more in-depth merchandizing and business tact consultancy services. Our expert team of consultants, who have years of experience of working for different industries and companies will think with you to plan the correct strategies and plans.

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