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SEO is the process of acquiring traffic from “organic” or “natural” search results on search engines by ranking for phrases or terms which define your products/business/services. Designogram provides best SEO services in Ludhiana with high ranking on organic search results therefore creates strong visibility for your brand at lower cost of acquisition. As an SEO agency we aim to continuously evolve! With that in mind we develop and create processes which enable us to streamline our workflows and implement strategies which are ahead of trends. A lot goes into making any SEO strategy successful. We have listed below a little of what we do for best SEO resuts.

Keyword Research

Any SEO campaign starts with an in-depth keyword research and analysis. The research forms the backbone of our SEO strategy. During the research process our team of SEO experts at Designogram identify and shortlist key phrases which your potential audience use to find answers to their queries.

Technical SEO Audit

Our technical analysis covers an in-depth evaluation of website architecture, navigation, content optimization, on-page evaluation, page speed diagnosis and more. The technical audit provides insights into the current health of the website. Undertaking such a technical audit enables us to identify areas to improve performance and also learn more on gap with competition.

Content Strategy

You may have heard the phrase ‘Content is King’. A well-planned Content Strategy is one of the crucial pillars of success. In reality, if there is no content there is barely anything you can rank for. Content optimization ensures content created reaches largest possible target audience by making it relevant to your brand and its needs. Content Optimisation also is crucial to the process of SEO since it forms the basis of keyword integration.

Conversion Path Analysis

We evaluate users’ interactions with the brand over the conversion window to boost conversions. Multiple metrics which tell us more about our Users are tracked and monitored and insights are gathered. Based on these insights we understand unique channel paths taken by users and evaluate various opportunities within the website which impact and broaden the conversions funnel.


As Mobile usage increases more and more searches are happening on mobile today. This makes visibility on mobile a critical factor in SEO. Leveraging our experience in Mobile SEO we will help you craft an SEO strategy which delivers on desktop and mobile both.

SEO takes time to deliver results. However, sharp focus on all the above and lots more has enabled us to be the best SEO company in Punjab of choice and execute numerous award-winning SEO strategies for a variety of clientele.

Get in touch with us to know more on how we can help you! Designogram provide you high quality best SEO services in Ludhiana Punjab with detailed analysis of your website and organic ranking.