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Commercial Photography

Our Services in commercial photography has Powerful and Engaging photos and results. Working with businesses to deliver their message, through images, to their desired audience. We offer best-in-class operational workflows along with highly evolved artwork to cater the need of modern businesses. We are the best Commercial Photography service providers in Ludhiana.


Commercial photography includes of photographing of all products or someone delivering or receiving the particular services or any fashion boutique, overall it can be any commercial space in order to showcase the best features of that product and services and persuades the viewer to want to buy. In short, good commercial photography is a very powerful tool in raising your sale and purchase potential.

Now the question arises that what you are looking in your photographer and why you should hire a commercial photographer? Do you want high quality photos of your product to promote? Are you promoting yourself or selling your product? We understand your needs and wants and study your business, so as to make your products familiar to valuable clients and which finally results in increasing profits and sales.

Our services basically consists of:

  • Automobile photography
  • Interior photography
  • Sports photography
  • Jewelry photography
  • General product photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Industrial photography
  • Food Photography


Commercial photography culminates the best characteristics of whatever you trying to sell. If you have potential buyers in front of you then you can influence them and explain what is great about your stuff and services but on the other hand if they are just having a glance on it, then it can be a tough task and challenging for to capture their thoughts and imagination. But here comes the major role of the photographer and that’s what our expertise team of commercial photography does, they captures photos in such a way that inspire and influence the customer to buy product.

Let’s have a glance on some of the key benefits of using custom commercial photography to promote your business:

  1. Creates First Impression

 “So much rides on the first impression you create with a potential customer. You have a second or two to grab their attention. How are you going to do that?”

Put yourself in the socks of a potential client who is tweaking through variant websites or ads, trying to determine who they want to work with. What will clench their attentiveness? How do you stand out from the crowd? What do you render that your competitors don’t? Selling of product or service depends on getting a pragmatic psychic comeback. Spending much of their time to plan and shoot commercial photography which can be Food Photography, Product photography, fashion photography that highlights the emotional fundamental of your goods or service can create a response that reverberates with your customer. It’s potent because it’s personalized and communicates directly to them. And that stands out because it’s so rare these days.

  1. Brand Perception

“Brand is just a perception and perception will match reality over time.”

Your brand has a methodology. Maybe you’re sheeny, maybe you’re informal, and maybe you’re nostalgic. This tone should reverberate through all assets of your business, including the photography. This helps set the benchmark for what the customer can look forward to. Commercial photography which can be Industrial Photography, Interior photography, Product photography focuses your brand devotion to professionalism, standard and success. After all, the intuition of a business that cuts corners with imagery may be that the business will also cut corners on projects.

  1. Great Experience

 Some commercial photography is minimalist in that it gives an essence of what the consumer can anticipate from the service. Professional headshots of team members or the place of business can help in inaugurating faith and openness, abolishing any affection of unpredictability that a customer may have in prior. A picture can also demonstrate a service in movement, for example, a team member delivering the product to the customer. It gives the customer a more strong understanding of what comes next and gives them confidence.

  1. Being Real

Commercial photography websites have huge troupe of images than ever before. Hunt for any subject and you’ll find a variety of pictures that can be utilized for your next ad. And yet, commercial photography surrender authenticity. It doesn’t feel real. It isn’t easy to search for a picture taken at a various sites and for a different objectives that can be escalating for your business without something being lost in conveying. The benefits of custom commercial photography i.e. Food Photography for restaurant, Interior photography for hotels or flats, Product photography for your business items which is that it places your brand at top and makes center of attraction. It highlights your staff and gives your customers a more realistic vision of who and what they can expect.

  1. Promoting Business on Multiple Channel

Photos clicked during a commercial shoot are not meant for a one time use. You can receive benefit from an archive photos that your business can utilize on social, digital marketing campaigns or traditional print ads. There’s a very strong demand these days for fresh content. Any social channel that sits slothful for weeks at a time isn’t likely to influence the customers.

If you are hunting for an experienced commercial photography company for your commercial photograph needs, you must check out Designogram – product photography in Ludhiana. Based in Punjab, we have been in the industry since 2017 and have handled a variety of clients such as agencies, television networks, and business corporations.


If you are in search of right commercial photographer for your business then have a look on the assignments they have done formerly and you will be able to analyze their working style. Then it is time for you to decide whether this company will be helpful to you or not and if you feel so then book an appointment with that company and explore further.   

As a full service creative company, Designogram in commercial photography, is quirky in that and we can tactically tailor your images to integrate with your brand and message.

We combine 3 years of skillful practice and design expertise with innovation that exceeds your expectations.


Designogram – fashion photography in Ludhiana comes over all the hurdles and renders you the bests ever services in field of photography. Let’s have an outlook on what hurdles we come over through:

  • We come over the most critical factor which is faced by most of the commercial photographers is that considering what the intending results of the photograph are. But we as an expertise team produces our customers you with the wide range of photos of their business and industries so that they are able to opt for the key photo to promote their goods and services. We assure that you are creating a perception that combines motives with creativity.
  • Our professionals in photography are not afraid of any angles. This requires photographers to lay down on your back to find a perspective or a right angle. We uses the formula of bug’s eye view in which we shoot from down low and focusing on the subject to create an amazing angle for shoot. We try to keep ourselves experimental and trying different angles to keep our work unique from others in every product photography.
  • We grant ourselves with time to learn latest skills and crafts to keep ourselves updated. Even during the time of sessions, we are not in hurry and gives the best possible time to our customers to make them feel satisfy and dignified by our services.
  • We have created our own style. We use our style of working effectively so that you know the right scenario and gather inspiration.


 Having the right visual material and company will escalate your brand and increase conversion. However, before you can confidently and effectively decides WHAT you want to illustrate to your consumers, it is very significant to have the right perspective and tactics for your business. That is why Designogram – Best product Photography in Ludhiana also offers you more in-depth merchandizing and business tact consultancy services. Our expert team of consultants, who have years of experience of working for different industries and companies will think with you to plan the correct strategies and plans.

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