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Targeted Campaigns to Reach Customers

“The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.” Social Media Marketing also refer as SMM, is the strong mode of marketing in which businesses of all sizes reaches their probabilities and customers. Customers have already hunted for brands through variant social modes. But if you are not interacting with your audience through various social platforms like Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and many more, then you are missing the chance to turn your small business to brand. Your active attentiveness on social marketing can lead your business or company to heights of achieving success through remarkable sales and promotion.

Social Media Marketing in Ludhiana by Designogram, renders you customized designing and solution in accord of your wants and needs. If you are looking for more likes and followers on your page or want to raise your business and achieve success through targeting customers and higher sales, then you are at the right place, Designogram is very dedicated towards their work and customers.

Here is what we do on Social Media Marketing to improve your social presence:

  • Content Planning

It is very essential to build a Social Media Marketing plan. So, it is very necessary to make a correct use of key words in your content. With this you will be easily able to attain the focus of customers through creating well and prescribe content so as to aware customers and do not let them get bore.

  • Social Content:

Being consistent in creating your social content is very important to raise your clientele. We make sure that you post on daily basis and provide valuable and productive information which will be interesting and valuable for customers. And you are not restricted only to comprehensive content, even you can add some social images, videos and info graphic to make it appear more appealing.

  • Project your Brand Image:

Social Media Marketing helps your business to project your brand image on various social platforms. As every social mode has its own way of communicating, styling and branding. So it is very important to have consistency in your social identity.

  • Publicity and Content Promotion:

Social Media Marketing is the best channel for publicizing and promoting your content. And sharing your blogs and best sites with the anonymous readers. As soon you build the loyal followings within audience, you will have to post an interesting content so that your readers stay connected with you. And this thing will help you in creating more followers.

  • Tracking Competitors:

It is always important to keep an eye on your competitors as you can get some valuable data from keywords research and insights from other Social Media Marketing. The content and techniques being used by your opponents on various social platforms then you can consider that data and try to refurbish it in better way.

We as a Social Media Marketing Company in Ludhiana, consider all the mentioned tips to resolve all your problems regarding branding and promotion. It is our prime motive to solve problems and build brands.


It is important to create website for your business but for its social reach, it is very significant to focus on Social Media Marketing. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram are helpful in maintaining competition. If you don’t develop your Social Media account then companies have to face risk of missing out various opportunities.

  • Communicating with Target Market:

The key factor of Social Media Marketing in Ludhiana for business is that it enables you to communicate with your customers through tweets and Facebook updates that are being posted by them on various social modes. This helps your company in formulating marketing strategies that fulfill your needs.

  • Improve responsiveness

Social Media helps in an easy access of providing and receiving of feedbacks. Precisely, if your customers having any confusion or issue related any product or services then they can easily communicate with the particular companies timely. Hereby, Social Media Marketing Agency in Ludhiana, gives you an accessible way to give response to their customers. With this companies easily overcome the problems and provides their customer the glimpse of satisfaction

  • Creates Competition:

In this world of competition, you need to remain updated and unique as more and more companies are capitalizing profits on the basis of Social Media Marketing. If you want to boost online traffic and want to earn profit then you need to stay ahead of the competition in terms of providing best product and services.

  • Economical:

Managing your social account is very economical practice that can be done to promote your business. As social media does not require healthy budget, which makes it easy for small business to keep in competition with other brands.

Our Social Media Marketing agency in Ludhiana, creates competition among the companies by offering their solely created content, which motivates the buyers to buy the products as now they are aware of everything and their wishes and demands are being valued.  


A significant amount of social media activity is commenced to be done through mobile devices. It’s very necessary that your social media tactics are compatible with mobile devices to be claimed as a worthwhile user experience. Social media sites continue to gain reputation and demand at a rapid rate and it is important for small and growing businesses to utilize them to publicize and market what they offer.

Top notch businessperson and companies are recognizing the importance of digital marketing and hiring top social media marketing agencies that can take their companies at heights. So we as an agency of Social Media Marketing in Ludhiana have grasp the occasion to build a presence in social media marketing through variant sites like Facebook, Instagram, twitter and many other social platforms to make your business raise.


There are several benefits of social media marketing in promoting your business and brand.

  • Social Media Marketing in Ludhiana by Designogram, boost your business through search engine optimization which makes people communicate more about your brands on social media platforms by liking, sharing and recommending your brand page to others. Therefore, this will lead in rising up your web page in search ranking.
  • We will always keep your brand memories alive in the mind of many people by sharing your posts on their walls. Our social media agency in Ludhiana creates awareness about the products and your company which ultimately will provide you with many followers and customers.
  • People trust those things the most to which they are familiar to. Social Media Marketing by Designogram in Ludhiana, makes your customer stay connected with you and built trust through their abilities of promotion and designing websites for your company.

Therefore, now Social Media Marketing has become a basic need for Digital Marketing because one of the survey depicts that most of the buyers spend much of their time in surfing variant social sites.

This is how social media marketing in Ludhiana by Designogram, proves their agency beneficial by considering the following:

  • Defines your goals clearly.
  • Use insights to locate your audience demographics, choices.
  • Taylor your messages to the customers so that they are familiar to your story and trust your product.
  • We enhance your posts to boost SEO and optimized landing page to your website to overcome web traffic.
  • Our social media marketing team, is a good listener and uses their listening tool to listen, reply and repeat.

In conclusion, if you want to adopt the best Social Media Marketing Strategies that authorize Social Media influence and benefit your start-up in several ways for instance- helping the startup company by promoting and setting up the tone in the industry, highlighting their products and services they provide to their valuable customers. Then, Designogram who runs their Digital Marketing agency is the correct place to visit and make yourself the brand.  

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